This translates, roughly, to ‘Fuck off Lenin’ … ‘Lenin’ being the President Lenin Moreno, who has angered people in Ecuador so much.

Hi! My name is Tom! 🙂

I am currently travelling South America with my girlfriend, Rebecca, and we chose to start those travels in Ecuador… where (of course, naturally, typically, obviously) political riots erupted just a month after we arrived.

So I’m probably gonna be writing a lot about that for a while!!

Usually, though, I like to think, and therefore write, about a variety of topics: music, spirituality, philosophy, art … I like to write fiction and poetry, too…

But (and yes, ‘but’ is the right word) I also like to write about politics and current affairs.

Some readers are put off by bloggers who write about politics … but let me explain myself..

I see people taking the world and its problems very seriously … and not just one group of people, either. People from a variety of different situations and circumstances do this; people who aren’t happy with their lives; even people in opposition to each other! They keep the cycle going and feed each other’s opinions by engaging with each other.

But when I think about politics, I believe I approach it differently.

I’m not trying to figure out whether we should have a right wing or a left wing government…

Nor am I trying to work out whether we should ‘leave’ or ‘remain’…

What I am trying to figure out is this: is it serious? Are politics and economics really so important? Do they really affect our lives?

Well the fact that I am currently stuck in Ecuador due to political riots is, from a certain perspective, indisputable proof that they do affect our lives…

However, even in spite of the pickle I’m in (which I will describe in much more detail in future blogs), I can’t help feeling like the answer is … no. It isn’t serious at all.

Oh Really?!

The posthumous YouTube sensation, Alan Watts — who defined himself as a “spiritual entertainer” — once said that “is it serious?” is among the only few serious philosophical questions we can ask.

Without boring you with details, reader, I want to tell you that the exploration of this question changed the way I perceive life … and it changed my perception for the better. Maybe this blog will go some way to explaining why that’s the case … or maybe it won’t!

In any case, I am dedicating this website to the exploration of that very question.

¿is it serious?